I was brought up in the beautiful environment of south Gloucestershire and having travelled extensively to paint I have seen no landscape I find more beautiful. It is not a wild landscape but very civilised, created like a drawing made over thousands of years by the activities of man. It is never threatening but enfolds and envelops you like a vast green duvet with its patchwork of fields over hills and valleys above the Severn vale. My father was brought up here too and my first memories are of being lifted out of my pushchair by him to be shown a wren’s nest in the ivy on an oak tree. He loved this landscape and knew places to go to find wildflowers growing and how to find birds nests in the spring. It is this heritage that moved me to paint here.

For my last one man show I made many paintings of English woodland, some of them much larger than I was used to painting. Ferns unfurling, Wild autumn crocus and Snowdrops at Newark Park were all painted in locations near my home in Gloucestershire. Tree Canopy is based on the view from the treetop walk at Kew.

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