Rob teaches classes in painting and art history and also runs colour theory workshops.

Call 07887 294186 or email to book.


Art Appreciation

At Under The Edge Arts 1.30pm till 3.30pm Wednesdays.

£10 per session booked half term at a time in advance (usually six to eight sessions).

Starting at the Renaissance tracing the story of art through to the current day looking at developing styles of painting and sculpture and their historical context. Rob delivers a presentation each week and facilitates discussion and debate among the group. No previous experience needed. New students always welcome.



At Under The Edge Arts

Wednesdays 9.30am till 12.30pm.

Wednesdays 1.30pm till 4.30pm.

£16 for each session booked half term (six to eight sessions) in advance. Students provide own materials.

Both classes are designed to be enjoyable and informative for students with a range of skills and experience. Rob is a skilled craftsman with a great store of tips and information to share. He is also aware that people come to the class to relax and enjoy themselves as well as learn and the atmosphere is fun and welcoming. If you are a complete beginner who would love to have a go but are afraid of making a start in front of students with more experience then come and join one of these friendly and supportive groups. One student commented........"I last did any serious painting when I was at school. One year ago I had the chance to fulfil a long-term desire to learn to paint. When I first joined Rob’s class I used watercolours but I found them very frustrating. However, when cleaning out a relative’s house I found some oil paints. I started to learn how to use them and discovered a love for colour and for experimenting with paint. Rob and the others in the class are very supportive. Having made a good start with my work I often got stuck, afraid to spoil what I had achieved in trying to make further progress. With Rob’s help I have learned to push past this point, I am no longer afraid to experiment or make mistakes.  Learning to paint has opened up great pleasure for me and sparked off many ideas I want to try out. "

At Pegasus Studios, Griffin Mill, Thrupp near Stroud

Fridays 9am till 12pm.

Fridays 1pm till 4pm.

£16 for each session booked half term (six to eight sessions) in advance. Students provide own materials.

These classes run on the same basis as those in Wotton. The intention is for students to develop technical skill and gain the confidence with more experienced students showing their work in exhibitions and open studio events and developing an increasingly professional attitude to their work. Part of this exciting learning environment relies on the exchange of ideas and enthusiasm between beginners and more experienced students.

Colour Theory

Rob has taught colour theory workshops for over twenty years in further and higher education and in schools. They are practical, informative and useful and range from a basic introductory session lasting three hours to extended workshops in which students develop and apply the theory through a range of practical exercises.